Class Links


Schoology will be the secure location of the various assignments and quizzes assigned to students throughout the semester.  The link will direct to the site, and the student will need to log-in to access the various activities/quizzes that will be uploaded throughout the year.


Prezi will used for purposes of introducing and reviewing material covered in this course.  The information provided by these presentations will not be as thorough as the resources provided by the teacher, but can be used to aid the student throughout the course.


Twitter will be utilized as a means of maintaining communication with the student and providing assistance with assignment and lectures, as necessary.  The link will direct the student and/or parent to the class Twitter page, and you will be able to follow or examine the various issues that are addressed as they pertain to the material and assignments.

General Tip
You will need to click the underlined hyper-link to access the various pages.