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Bell Schedule: Teacher Workday is 8:00 am- 4:15

1st Period: 8:30-10:00 (90 Minutes)
2nd Period: 10:05-10:55 (50 Minutes)
A Lunch: 10:55-11:25 (30 Minutes)
3rd Period (Conference): 11:30-1:05 (90 Minutes)
4th Period: 1:10-2:40 (90 Minutes)
5th Period: 2:45-4:15 (90 Minutes)

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Teacher: Devin R. Martinez       Room: 702   Phone: 254-5250 ext. 2456

Conference Period: 3rd period (11:30 A.M.- 1:05 P.M.)       Email:


1. Chemistry:

Content: This course will focus upon the major concepts in Chemistry. The science of Matter will be explored through lecture, demonstrations, readings and laboratory work. Prerequisite: Biology and Algebra I.


2. Instructional Philosophy:

All students have the innate desire to learn.  Teachers, parents, and students must come together in order to expand on this desire and use it for academic success.  As a teacher, I will provide a safe learning environment where we can explore together.  Students will be provided multiple representations for transfer of learning and demonstration of understanding.  It is when a student’s creativity, curiosity, and desire to know more are supported that we have fulfilled our goal and created a life-long learner that can contribute their talents to the community and society. 

3. Course Goals:

The student will understand how matter is categorized, how matter reacts, the Atomic and Molecular Theories, the causes of chemical reactions, the properties and structure of matter.

The student will understand and appreciate the development of chemistry which is an abstract science.

The study of chemistry should allow a person to handle daily chemical problems that one would encounter and help one to relate to the world with a greater understanding.


4. Supplies:  

Pen/Pencil (blue or black ink), colored pencils, pocket folder, glue stick; composition book


5. Course Outline:

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Measuring and Calculating*

Dimensional Analysis*


Atomic Structure

Periodic Table**

Chemical Bonding**

Chemical Formulas**

The Mole*

Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry*

Solutions* **

Acids, Bases, Salts* **

Gas Laws*

Radioactive Decay

*Math Chapters, Expect Homework

** Memorization Chapters, Have Required Material Memorized


6. Grading Procedure:

Daily works (in class, homework, quizzes, labs, etc.) are averaged to form 50% of the marking period grade.

Major assessments (teacher created tests, science journal, labs, group or individual projects) are averaged to form 50% of the marking period grade.

Two marking periods will be averaged and weighted at 80% of the semester grade. The semester exams will be worth 20%.

7. Late Assignments/Homework:

All homework is due at the beginning of the period. Homework handed in at any other time is considered late. Fifteen points will be deducted per day, for every late assignment/homework.  


8. Make-Up Assignments and Tests:

Work missed due to an excused or prearranged absence will be due as per school policy. It is the responsibility of the student to find out what work was assigned and what information was missed. Labs missed due to absences must be made up. Tests missed due to an absence should be taken as soon as possible and at a time suitable for both student and teacher.


9. Absent Students:

Upon return, locate the “ABSENT” clipboard then sign and date which day you were absent.  Locate the folder with the appropriate class period and collect any handouts pertaining to the day(s) absent.  The number days allowed to complete assignments is determined by the number of days absent. 


10. Tutoring/Extra Help;

Chemistry tutorials are available before school, during lunch A, and after school Monday-Wednesday 4:15pm-6:00pm with rotating chemistry teachers. A student may also come in during another class period to complete work or for a reteach, with approval from both releasing and receiving teachers.


11. Devices:

Devices are not allowed in the classroom, unless they are to be used for instructional purposes, and/or unless the teacher allows devices to be used at certain times.  Devices are not allowed during a lab

12. Restroom:

Students will sign out and in, when going to the restroom.  Only one student is permitted to the restroom at one time.  Students are not allowed out of the classroom the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes of class.



I have read and I understand the requirements and expectations of this class.



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