Ocanas, Rolando

Welcome to AP/ Pre-AP World History

Mr. Rolando Ocanas

Conference- 1st period


Class schedule:
1st Period                 Conference                                         8:30-10:00
2nd Period                Pre-AP World History                       10:05-10:55
3rd Period A             Pre-AP World History                        11:00-11:45
3rd Period B             Lunch                                                11:45-12:15
3rd Period C             Pre-AP World History                       12:20-1:05
4th Period                 AP World History                                1:10-2:40
5th Period                 Pre-AP World History                         2:45-4:15

Class Description: The study of World history is the study of historical events in a global context. World history focuses on two principal subjects: the evolution of leading societies and the interaction among different people around the globe. This is done through the processes of detective work and debate. 
By studying history through themes and periodization we examine changes in the course material so students will become more acclimated to thinking globally, considering perspectives other than their own and looking at the big picture. World history requires the development of advanced academic skills, such as interpreting primary sources from a text, examining causation, drawing inferences and writing for analytical purposes. 


  • 3inch 3ring binder(hard cover preferable. Smaller sizes will work if this is not available)
  • set of dividers
  • pack of loose leaf paper (college ruled preferable)
  • pack of pencil colors or thin markers
  • set of pencils
  • set of black or blue pens