Longoria, Erika

Los Fresnos United High School- World History Course Syllabus 2017-2018

Instructor: Mrs. Erika E. Longoria RM 218

Conference Period: 1st (8:30-10:00 am)

School phone number: 956-254-5250 ext. 2408

Email address: erlongoria@lfcisd.net


 Course Description:

This course is a comprehensive review of important societies, religions, eras, conflicts, and developments which encompass the history of the world. Students will be expected to identify, explain, analyze, describe and summarize how these varying aspects of world history have affected the world we live in today. 

Textbook and Required Materials:

Class sets of the textbook, World History, are available for student use in the classroom. However, if a student wishes to check out a textbook for home use, please contact the office.

Materials needed throughout the semester include:

1 Spiral Notebook (1 Subject/ 100 Pages)                 1 Pair of Scissors

Loose leaf notebook paper                                         1 Package of Crayons or Markers

Blue or black ink pens                                                1 Bottle of Glue or a Glue stick

#2 pencils                                                                    1 Pencil Pouch

Notebook Requirements:

A clean and organized interactive notebook is essential to facilitate success in the classroom. Students will be graded throughout the semester on the maintenance of their notebook and its contents. 

All work completed throughout the semester must be compiled in the interactive notebook.

Grading Policy:

Daily Work (Assignments, Activities, Quizzes)          50%

Exams and Projects                                                   50%

Classroom Rules:

  1. All students must respect everyone and everything in the classroom.

    Keep your hands to yourself.

    No foul, rude or obscene language.

    No fighting.

    No destruction of personal or school property.

  2. All students must come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn.

    Bring all required materials to class every day

    Be punctual.

  3. All students must obey all classroom rules, school rules and district rules.


  • Verbal or written warning
  • Phone call to parent
  • Parent conference
  • Referral to office
  • Any other disciplinary action needed will be at the discretion of school administration

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Entering and Exiting the classroom: Students must not loiter around the door. All students are expected to be seated BEFORE the tardy bell rings. Students must wait to be dismissed by the teacher when class has concluded. Students must remember that the teacher dismisses the students, NOT the bell.


  2. Seating Arrangement: Students will be assigned to designated seats at the teacher’s discretion. The teacher reserves the right to make changes to the seating arrangement as necessary throughout the semester.


  3. Classroom Communication: Students are expected to be attentive and on task during instruction. Students must raise their hands to answer or ask questions. Discussions are welcome in the classroom, however, students must remember to be courteous and respect all opinions.


  4. Use of Facilities: Students needing to use the pencil sharpener, throw trash away, or use the bathroom facilities may do so by raising their hand.


  5. Classroom Neatness: A student’s area must be neat and tidy. Students are expected to respect other students’ property and school property as well.


  6. Notebook Structure: Students are expected to follow all notebook requirements as listed in this syllabus. Students will be graded throughout the semester on the maintenance of their notebook and its contents.


  7. Daily Work and Homework: All daily work and homework must be turned in on the due date at the beginning of class.


  8. Make-Up Work and Late Work: Students are allowed to submit make-up work due to an excused absence. Students have one day to submit make-up work. Late work will be accepted at 15% credit for the assignment. Late work will not be accepted after the assignment has been graded and returned to the class.


  9. Tests/ Retests: Cheating is NOT allowed and will result in an automatic zero, referral to the office, and parent conference. Students are not allowed to use mobile devises during an exam. Retests must be requested by the student within two days after an absence or missed exam.


  10. Absences/ Tardies: Students must follow the school tardy policy. Three tardies equal and absence. If a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to collect notes and assignments from peers or the teacher. If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, the student may submit the assignment upon their return to class.


  11. BYOD: Students may use their mobile devices on campus in accordance with school policy by accessing the school Wi-Fi with their designated usernames and passwords. The only time devices can be used in the classroom in when designated by the teacher.


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