Fell, Martin

Hello My Name Is...

Martin Fell
English II

 Extension: 2474
 Conference: 4th Period-1:10-2:40
 First Period: English II: 8:30-10:00

Second Period: English II: 10:05-10:55

Third Period: English II: 

Fourth Period: Conference

Fifth Period: English II: 2:45-4:15

 Late Work Policy: 

Makeup Work
Daily work:   After an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility to request the make-up work upon return and turn in the assignment the following day.    

Tests:  If a student is present in class the day a test is announced, but absent when it is given, the student must come before or after school to make up the test. Retests will not be given during instructional time. 

If a student is in class the day a project or assignment is announced, but absent (UIL or other excused absence) on the due-date for a project, the student is still responsible to turn in the project by the due date. The project will not be accepted past the due date even if student has an excuse. Project due dates are given in advance, and students are encouraged to turn them in prior to final due date in case of an emergency.