Arato, Vanessa



Teacher Name: Vanessa Arato
Room #: 518
Telephone# : 956-254-5250
Conference: 5th period 2:45 to 4:15pm.
Tutoring : Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 8:25 A.M. 
or after school upon request.


**'Ms. Arato'**


I am so happy to welcome you to my Spanish class. This year we are going to experience the excitement to speak a second language.  Many of you have studied Spanish in previous years, but this year you will discover how much your ability to use and understand Spanish will grow.  We will focus on the many skills that you have or have not already learned in Spanish, the ability to listen , speak, read and write. Our goal is for you to proudly say, "¡YO HABLO ESPAÑOL!" As you improve your Spanish skills , you will also explore many Spanish speaking countries.

¡Hasta Pronto!





   Machu Picchu





***********Parents (los padres)************


Student Expectations:     

My expectations for your student at ANY LEVEL of Spanish on a daily basis:


-  arrival before the bell rings


-  required materials: his/her textbook, notebook/binder, folder, pen, & pencil 

-  participation in all 4 forms of communication (reading, writing, speaking, & listening) 

-  completed homework 

-  positive attitude 

-  respect for the classroom, the teacher, his/her fellow students, the subject, and him/herself 

-  willingness to try try try!


The simplest and fastest method of contacting me is to e-mail me at:


Spanish I, ISL, II

 In this class we will utilize social media and various computer programs and software. Please know that all communication between teacher and student will be professional and based solely on coursework and assignments. As per the Electronic Use Policy and the BYOD policy students will be disciplined for any inappropriate behavior. If you have further questions or concerns or do not wish to have your student utilize social media as a learning tool please contact me by phone or email.

Thank You