Banking and Finance Syllabus

Banking and Finance

(18 weeks)


INSTRUCTOR: Jorge Vazquez Jr.

ROOM: 613

PHONE: 956-254-5250



1ST PERIOD: Keyboarding                     RM 609
2ND PERIOD: Programming                   RM 609

3RD PERIOD: Banking and Finance      RM 609

4TH PERIOD: Conference                       RM 609
5TH PERIOD: Programming                   RM 609

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the world of Banking and Financial Systems. They will learn the basics of the Banking instituions and Financial Institutions. Students will participate in a Stock Market Investment Game and prepare investment strategies for future college and retirement expenses.


This course is designed so each participant will:

• Understand the basic components of Banking and Finance

• Understand Commercial Lending

• Understand Negotiable Instruments

• Navigate through the complex paperwork of Mortgages and Bank Loans

• Create investment strategies for college and retirement

• Create an investment package of stock and government securities

• Create investment packages based on age and goal of investor

Textbook and supplies

Center for Financial Training, Banking and Financial Systems. South-Western Publishing, 2003.


General Competencies:

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, the student will be able to:

A. Understand the basic rules of basic Banking accounts.

B. Understand terminology applicable to Banking and Financial Institutions

C. Develop investment plans.

D. Understand how Bank accounts work and Mortgages.

E. Identify potential investment opportunities.

F. Understand use of Commercial Instruments.

Course Outline: Class sessions are divided between lecture and in-class exercises and review of homework assignments. After the introduction of new material, students will complete exercises to reinforce the topics presented.

A. Laying a Foundation: Reference procedures of Financial Institution

B. Knowing Names: Understand terms

C. Showing Action: Plan of action on material of lecture

D. Work on Project for material covered during lecture.


Daily Work: Students are responsible to keep up with work assigned per chapter.

Make-up Work – Students are responsible for any notes, class assignments and tests missed due to an absence or tardy. Students must make arrangements with teacher to make-up missed work on the day he/she returns to school. Work assigned prior to an absence is due when the student returns; otherwise, the assignment is considered late (See Student Handbook).

Late Work – A one-day limit will be allowed for late assignments. There will be up to a 30% penalty for the first day assignment is late (See Student Handbook)

Class Rules:

1. •Be on time & come prepared

2. •RESPECT! Teacher, students & property

3. •No talking or getting up while lecturing

4. •Do not roll around the classroom in chairs

5. •Do not sit or place feet on top of counters

6. •Keep your desk area clean

7. •Appropriate CDs are allowed with headphones only

(While teacher is not lecturing & DO NOT BRING CD PLAYERS!)

8. Check your computer before/after class.

(Changes must be reported so you will not be blamed)

9. Food and drinks are NOT allowed

10. Students are dismissed by the teacher-not the bell.


1st time – warning

2nd time - morning or lunch detention

3rd time – parent conference

4th time – office referral

***Serious infractions will result in automatic office referral.


Students are expected to be cognizant of what a constructive educational experience is and respectful of other participating in a learning environment. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. Courtesy to fellow students and the instructor shall be expected. Examples of troublesome behavior in the classroom are: Interruptions caused by pages, mobile phones and other electronic devices; challenges to faculty authority; demanding special treatment; dominating discussions; excessive tardiness; making offensive, disrespectful or aggressive remarks or gestures; missing deadlines; overt inattentiveness; prolonged chattering; reading newspapers or other non-class materials during class time; sleeping; talking out of turn; unexcused exiting or prematurely preparing to exit class.

Class Participation:

All students are expected to actively participate during class. Therefore, it is vital that you complete the assigned readings and assignments prior to class so that you are prepared. Participation means to ask or answer questions in class and/or participate actively when working in a group. Expect to be called on if you do not volunteer.

***Computer hacking and/or damaging computer equipment will also result in automatic office referral.


Materials needed for class



Pen & Pencil


Notebook Requirements:

Students are required to keep an electronic notebook. Directions will be given at a later time

Classroom Printing

Work should not be printed until it is assured that it is a final document. Students should, therefore, carefully proofread and make corrections before printing. No Internet printing is allowed in the classrooms unless specifically required by a course. Only class assignments are to be printed in the computer classrooms. Printing of personal documents, emails, pictures or Internet information is not allowed.


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Banking and Finance

INSTRUCTOR: Jorge Vazquez / Phone # 956-254-5250

Dear Parents,

I am happy to have your child as a student this year. It is my goal to prepare him/her for the academic challenges they will face in the future. In order to maximize learning time in my class, it will be necessary to have the cooperation of all my students. Therefore, I have issued each student a class syllabus that contains vital information regarding my Banking and Finance class. Although I have reviewed my policies with your child during class, I am requesting that you take some time to review it as well so that you are aware of what I expect of your child.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to call me or send me a note. Please sign the bottom stub and have your child return this page to me.


Jorge Vazquez Jr.

C&T Teacher


Date _____________

I have read the above information and understand the guidelines for the course.

My child understands fully that he/her is responsible for complying with the class

Rules, abiding by the homework and makeup work policy, and bringing all materials to work daily.

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