Park, Ashley


Contact Information:
Conference 5th Period (2:45 - 4:15)
(956) 254-5250

BYOD Policy

During testing – all cell phones will be “arrested” and placed in “cell phone jail”


Stoplight System

Red light – no electronic devices allowed – confiscated cell phones will be sent to “jail”

Yellow light – students may quietly listen to music with ear buds – other students should not be able to hear your music – violators will have their phones sent to jail

Green light – students may use their phones/devices for research and assistance with classwork

Class Connections: 


1st Period: 24j79y

2nd Period: yxqeju

3rd Period: ubin88

4th Period: h2xpzw



1st Period: D577T-BFFQ9

2nd Period: 56975-MH6WC

3rd Period: 5BDWF-3CQZH

4th Period: XSJZ9-7T22V



Extended Bio: @69694a

Pre-AP Bio: @7kce4